Phaning Poontharat

Phaniang is the famed former professional boxer and boxing coach of Thai superstars such as Buakaw Banchamek, Sittichai Sitsongpenong and IBF World Champion Amnat Ruenroeng.

Phaniang’s incredible wealth of boxing skills and expertise come from training under former Cuban Head Coach and future Hall Of Fame trainer, Ismael Salas in Japan. Under Salas’ guidance he compiled an impressive professional boxing record of 28 wins to only 1 loss. His professional career culminated in winning the PABA Title (Asian Boxing Champion).

Following the end of his professional career, Phaniang became a coach for the Thai National Boxing Team during the 2007 World Championships and 2008 Olympic Games. Since then, Phaniang has worked in some of the most elite boxing gyms in Bangkok and Japan, and has trained everyone from absolute beginners to elite World Champions.

Titles and Accomplishments:
Professional Record.
29 Fights. 28 Wins. 1 Loss. 0 Draws
PABA Light Flyweight Title

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  • Asian Boxing Champion & Coach
  • 220 Fights. 187 Wins. 30 Losses. 3 Draw
  • PABA Light Flyweight Title

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