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James Crudge

Southpaw’s Founder: James is the director of Southpaw and has built up the gym with the primary goal to make elite level training accessible to all.

Born in England, but of half Hong Kong-Chinese descent, James has been coaching in Hong Kong since 2013. Although James is better known as a boxing coach, he has competed as both a boxer and in kickboxing. He is also a NASM certified Personal Trainer and a PICP Level 2 Strength Coach.

With a blend of hands-on Boxing experience and a keen eye for coaching, James delivers a well structured training program with a fine eye for detail. James coaches everyone from absolute beginners all the way up to professional boxers.

HKBA Registered Boxing Coach
PICP Strength Coach Level 1 & 2
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Quantum HFE Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting Instructor

Trainer Archive - Southpaw

Samkor Kiatmontep

Southpaw’s Muay Thai Head Coach:Originally from Thailand, Samkor is one of the all time greats in the sport of Muay Thai. One of the most decorated Muay Thai boxers of all time, Samkor is a 3 weight division Champion at Lumpinee Stadium as well as a WMC World Champion. Considering winning a Lumpinee Stadium Championship is regarded as the highest achievement in the sport, that’s quite an achievement.

Samkor competed during the ‘golden era’ of Muay Thai, where he picked up impressive wins over other legends, such as Saenchai Sor Kingstar, Namsaknoi, Attachai and Sangtiennoi. Famously known for his devastating left kick, Samkor brings a wealth of fighting and coaching experience to his sessions. As a coach Samkor is a big advocate of perfecting the fundamentals and progressing boxers systematically.

Titles and Accomplishments:
Professional Record.
220 Fights. 187 Wins. 30 Losses. 3 Draws
Lumpinee Stadium
1995 Lumpinee Stadium 122 lbs Champion
1997 Lumpinee Stadium 135 lbs Champion
2000 Lumpinee Stadium 130 lbs Champion
Professional Boxing Association of Thailand (PAT)
1997 Thailand 135 lbs Champion
All Japan Kickboxing Federation
2004 AJKF Lightweight Tournament Runner-Up
Toyota Marathon
2005 Toyota Marathon 154 lbs Tournament Winner
World Muay Thai Council
2011 World Muay Thai Council 154 lbs World Champion

Trainer Archive - Southpaw

Ralf TSO

Southpaw’s Boxing Head Coach: Ralf Tso won the Hong Kong Boxing Association Championship for four consecutive years (2007-2010) and is one of the few boxers to represent Hong Kong internationally at the World Amatuer Boxing Championships. With over 18 years of coaching experience, Ralf has twice received the ‘Best Trainer Award’ by the Hong Kong Boxing Association.

As a coach Ralf brings a unique blend of creative footwork drills, fast paced pad combinations and intense fitness workouts.

Owing to his extensive expertise as both a former Boxing Champion and as a coach, Ralf was invited to be an official commentator for boxing at the 2012 Beijing Olympics and 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Titles and Accomplishments:
Hong Kong Boxing Championship: Winner 2007
Hong Kong Boxing Championship: Winner 2008
Hong Kong Boxing Championship: Winner 2009
Hong Kong Boxing Championship: Winner 2010

HKBA Registered Boxing Coach

Trainer Archive - Southpaw

Singmanee Kaewsamrit

Southpaw Muay Thai Coach: Originally from Thailand, Singmanee Kaewsamrit stands among GOATs in Muay Thai history. His storied career is crowned with multiple world championships, including the Rajadamnern Stadium title – considered to be the most prestigious title alongside the Lumpinee Stadium Championship.

Singmanee is known for his impeccable technique and devastating left hand power. He has notable wins over fellow legends, including Superbon Banchamek, Andrew Kuelbin, Sudsakorn and Saiyok Pumpanmuang.

Transitioning from combat to coaching, Singmanee now shapes future champions inside and outside the ring, imparting the strategies and mental toughness that have been the hallmark of his decorated career.

Titles and Accomplishments:
Rajadamnern Stadium Champion
Thai Fight World Champion
WMC World Champion
WPMF World Champion
Isuzu Cup Champion
EM Legend Tournament Champion
Faith Fight Champion
Channel 3 TV Champion

Trainer Archive - Southpaw

Bresson Brel

Southpaw Boxing Coach: Bresson has boxing in his blood. Born in The Republic of the Congo to a boxing family, he is a former member of the Congolese Boxing Team and a National Boxing Champion.

He started his career on the amateur scene, where he became the Central African Boxing Champion and qualified for the 2004 Olympic Games. After a superb Amatuer Boxing career he turned professional, where the championships continued to mount. He went on to become the South African Boxing Champion and win the UBO World Championships.

As a trainer Bresson knows how to get the best out of anyone, whatever their ability – that’s whether they are Hong Kong elite professional boxer Rex Tso, or an absolute beginner looking to get in shape.

Titles and Accomplishments:
Congo National Boxing Champion
Central African Boxing Champion
South African Professional Boxing Champion
UBO World Boxing Champion

Professional Boxing Coach Licence

Trainer Archive - Southpaw

Phaning Poontharat

Phaniang is the famed former professional boxer and boxing coach of Thai superstars such as Buakaw Banchamek, Sittichai Sitsongpenong and IBF World Champion Amnat Ruenroeng.

Phaniang’s incredible wealth of boxing skills and expertise come from training under former Cuban Head Coach and future Hall Of Fame trainer, Ismael Salas in Japan. Under Salas’ guidance he compiled an impressive professional boxing record of 28 wins to only 1 loss. His professional career culminated in winning the PABA Title (Asian Boxing Champion).

Following the end of his professional career, Phaniang became a coach for the Thai National Boxing Team during the 2007 World Championships and 2008 Olympic Games. Since then, Phaniang has worked in some of the most elite boxing gyms in Bangkok and Japan, and has trained everyone from absolute beginners to elite World Champions.

Titles and Accomplishments:
Professional Record.
29 Fights. 28 Wins. 1 Loss. 0 Draws
PABA Light Flyweight Title

Trainer Archive - Southpaw

Ricky Li

Ricky is a familiar face on reception and is responsible for the daily operations of the gym. If you have any questions, just speak to Ricky and he’ll be happy to help.

In addition to running and managing the gym, Ricky is a registered coach and referee for both the Hong Kong Boxing Association and Hong Kong Muay Thai Association, giving him a great insight into the ins and outs of both sports.

He also teaches our Muay Thai Outreach Programme at Hong Kong University, responsible for encouraging the next generation to take up the discipline.

Referee and judge

HKBA Boxing Coach
HKMTA Muay Thai Coach
HKBA Boxing Referee
HKMTA Referee

Trainer Archive - Southpaw


Hanumate Bahadur Biswakarma, better known as Praveen, is not just a coach; he’s a seasoned warrior in the ring with a trophy case to back it up. He’s clinched a Bronze at the World Sportaccord Combat Games and dominated as an 8-time Hong Kong Champion in Wushu Sanda.

Praveen’s expertise isn’t limited to just one style. He’s a master of Muay Thai, Shootboxing, and Sanda Kickboxing, bringing a blend of styles to the mat that enriches his training sessions. Known for his tactical approach and patient teaching style, he excels in helping students of all levels grow—from beginners getting their feet wet to advanced fighters honing their skills.

Whether you’re looking to build a solid foundation or push your limits, Praveen’s classes are the perfect place to start. Train with a true champ and transform your fighting technique under Coach Praveen’s guidance. Join us and experience the thrill and challenge of martial arts the way it’s meant to be learned!

Titles and Accomplishments:
Bronze Medalist, World Sportaccord Combat Games
8x Hong Kong Sanda Wushu Champion
Sunrise Belt, Taiwan Wushu Sanda Champion 70kg
Hong Kong ‘Windy Sport’ Wushu Sanda Champion 70kg
Formerly ranked 8th in the World for Wushu Sanda, 70kg category

Notable Competitions:
World Wushu Championships, 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia
World Wushu Championships, 2017 in Kazan, Russia

Professional Certifications:
WAKO Kickboxing Association Level 2 Coach
Hong Kong Muay Thai Association Certified Licensed Coach
IPTA Certified Personal Trainer
2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo