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Rule of 4

Boxing and Muay Thai is typically taught in large, sometimes overcrowded classes. We recognise that it is hard to learn correct technique or receive adequate coaching in a larger group setting.

We provide individual coaching and as a rule we keep all of our group sessions to 4 per class, ensuring everyone training at Southpaw will get the personal attention they deserve.

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Scaleable coaching for all levels

We offer classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, but our coaches can scale the session to fit your level and pace. Whether you are laying the foundations, or mastering more complex techniques, we’ve got you covered. Embrace the personalised journey with us.

Muay Thai Classes

Muay Thai - All-Levels

Southpaw’s intimate Muay Thai All-Levels class is capped at just 4 participants. Experience a mix of pad work, heavy bag drills, and striking technique refinement, tailored to your skill level. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fighter, our expert instructors will scale the session to ensure you’re challenged and improving.

Muay Thai - Fundamentals

Dive into Muay Thai with our Muay Thai Fundamentals class, perfect for beginners or those perfecting the basics. With a 4-person limit, get personalised guidance on stance, punches, kicks, and posture. Engage in pad work and structured bag work to build a solid foundation in the techniques.

Muay Thai - Mastery

Elevate your skills with our Muay Thai Mastery class—a rigorous, intermediate-level class, capped at just 4 participants. Hone more advanced techniques and their practical applications, endure intensive pad and bag work, and boost conditioning. It’s the perfect arena to advance your technique and take your training to the next level.

Muay Thai - Dynamics

Unleash your energy with Muay Thai – Dynamics, a high-octane class blending technique with fitness. Limited to 4 people, this fast-paced cardio session incorporates Muay Thai drills, pad and bag work and intense bodyweight exercises for a major calorie torch. Open to all levels, with scalable challenges for every participant.

Muay Thai - Sparring 101

Enter the ring with our Sparring 101 class – an intermediate-level session limited to 6 fighters. Explore the art of combat with partner drills, light sparring, and clinch techniques, focusing on strategic fighting applications. This class is a step up from the basics, readying you for real Muay Thai encounters.


Discover the dynamic world of Shootboxing, where kickboxing meets shoot wrestling. Our Technique & Sparring class, capped at 6, delves into strategic fighting applications. Engage in partner drills, light sparring, and master the arts of wrestling and throws. Ideal for intermediates eager to blend striking with takedowns.

Boxing Classes

Boxing - All-Levels

Step into our Boxing – All-Levels class, suited for all levels with a max of 4 in a group. Perfect your punches, defence, and footwork, engage in pad and bag work, and improve your conditioning. Personalised scaling ensures every participant, from novice to pro, feels challenged and sees improvement

Boxing - Fundamentals

Lace up for Boxing Fundamentals, a foundation class limited to 4 participants. Master essential techniques, from stance to punches and defence, through focused pad and bag work. Tailored for beginners or those fine-tuning their technique, it’s the perfect setting to build your boxing base.

Boxing - BoxTech

Boxing – BoxTech sharpens your ring craft with advanced techniques and tactical know-how in a focused class of just 4 participants. Challenge yourself with strategic pad work, heavy bag drills, partner drills & conditioning—ideal for intermediates ready to elevate their boxing skills and strategic execution.

Boxing - 12 ROUNDS

Boxing – 12 ROUNDS is a fierce, all-levels class. Tackle 6 rounds of intense boxing on pads and bags, followed by 6 rounds of varied strength + conditioning with kettlebells, TRX, and HIIT. With only 4 per class, expect a personalised, scalable workout that packs a high-impact punch.

Boxing - Sparring 101

Boxing – Sparring 101 offers a controlled introduction to the ring. With 6 slots available, this class delves into fight strategy and application through partner drills, light sparring, and a focus on defensive techniques. It’s crafted for intermediates with a good grasp of the techniques, ready to spar.